Oberon Fuels Invited to Present Benefits of DME as Alternative Fuel and Advantages of Oberon Process in Briefings on Capitol Hill and at PortTech Expo

Oberon Fuels Invited to Present Benefits of DME as Alternative Fuel and Advantages of Oberon Process in Briefings on Capitol Hill and at PortTech Expo

– DME technology promises sustainable, ultra-clean fuel alternative –


SAN DIEGO – Sept. 10, 2013Oberon Fuels, a San Diego-based developer of a process that converts biogas and natural gas into clean-burning dimethyl ether (DME), is invited to present its technology at two important government-focused events in September: PortTech EXPO Los Angeles, Sept. 10-11, and at an executive briefing on DME for policymakers, government and association executives, and media to be held Sept. 27th on Capitol Hill.


At PortTech EXPO Los Angeles, Oberon Fuels is one of only 11 finalists chosen from a strong field of more than 35 innovative tech firms that participated in a pitch competition. The 4th annual PortTech EXPO connects clean technology companies with business prospects at Southern California’s ports and supports them in exploring opportunities with ports worldwide that are working to achieve a more sustainable future. This year’s EXPO is expanding to feature clean technology demonstrations, interactive displays and the best technology advancements for ports and commercial enterprises. The finalists will present their companies to a panel of five judges on September 10 at the Port of Los Angeles; Oberon’s technology and its advantages will be presented by Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel Brittany Applestein Syz.


The DME Alternative Fuel Executive Briefing, sponsored by the International DME Association, will take place in Washington, D.C. on Friday, Sept. 27th, once in the morning on the House side and again in the afternoon on the Senate side. The briefing will help the audience develop a fundamental understanding of DME and its relevance for the dynamic alternative fuel landscape. Oberon’s President Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux, an expert in synthetic chemistry, will present information on the basics of DME and its advantages as a cleaner alternative to diesel fuel. She is one of four invited speakers who will provide comprehensive information about DME’s utility as an ultra-low emission alternative and its potential to address a number of important objectives related to energy security, emission reduction, and natural gas utilization. Following the presentation, the experts will be available to answer questions from attendees.


Oberon Fuels is the first company to bring DME as a commercial transportation fuel to North America. Oberon’s technology uses a modular, skid-mounted design for efficient deployment to produce DME from methane sources such as natural gas, stranded gas, and biogas (food, agricultural, and animal waste, landfills, wastewater treatment). Its regional deployment model supports local job growth and clean air initiatives as well as a viable economic structure that allows for capital expenditure in sync with market growth. Recently, both Volvo Trucks North America and Mack Trucks announced plans to commercialize DME engines for heavy-duty trucking in North America in 2015, providing a market for DME produced by the Oberon production units.



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