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Oberon Fuels President, Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux, Speaking at Conferences Nationwide on Alternative Fuel Opportunities and Benefits of Oberon Process

SAN DIEGO – April 15, 2013Oberon Fuels, a San Diego based developer of a process that converts biogas and natural gas into a clean burning fuel, Dimethyl Ether (DME), will present its technology at multiple upcoming conferences. DME is a cleaner, cost effective alternative to diesel fuel, and Oberon Fuels operates a scalable, economically advantageous process to convert methane and carbon dioxide into clean-burning DME.

Oberon Fuels President Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux, an expert in polymer science, will present the advantages of Oberon Fuel’s technology, which uses a modular, skid-mounted design for flexible and efficient deployment to remote locations, to produce a greener solution for waste methane gas, stranded natural gas, third-world infrastructure, and point-of-use applications. Her speaking events include:

In addition, Dr. Boudreaux will also attend the ACT (Alternative Clean Transportation) Expo, June 24-27, 2013 in Washington, DC, where those interested in better understanding the Oberon process will be able to set appointments to meet with her.

Dr. Boudreaux has recently presented at multiple conferences in the last two months alone. On March 12th, Dr. Boudreaux presented at the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) Transportation Forum in San Diego on the advantages of DME and its ability to be produced from renewable sources. On March 13th, Dr. Boudreaux presented at the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit on the environmental benefits of DME over diesel fuel. On April 8th, Dr. Boudreaux presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting on alternative careers in chemistry.

Dr. Boudreaux earned a doctorate and master’s degree in polymer science and engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and a bachelor of science in polymer science from the University of Southern Mississippi. Prior to Oberon, she co-founded, built, and sold Intezyne Technologies, a startup focused on using polymer materials for biological applications, and has worked in various other technology-based startups.

“The need for a diesel alternative has never been more evident. I am looking forward to sharing the benefits of Oberon Fuel’s technology, and how our modular, easily transportable, DME production units provide a safer, greener solution to diesel,” explained Dr. Boudreaux. “While numerous energy options are being explored, DME is a largely overlooked but promising diesel alternative that has already been proven in other applications internationally.”

Those interested in setting appointments to learn more about the Oberon process and DME can email



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