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Oberon Fuels Expands Team to Drive Commercial Production

New members fill out roles in supply chain development and offtake

SAN DIEGO (November 30, 2021) Oberon Fuels, the leading provider of renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) transportation fuel, continues to expand its team as the demand continues to grow globally for rDME. Three new team members bring a wealth of experience in supply chain and business development, and are focused on expanding Oberon’s production while developing the market for rDME.

“There is growing interest from governments, businesses and industries to reduce emissions and lower their carbon footprint which is driving demand for our renewable DME,” said Cinch Munson, Vice President for Commercial Development at Oberon Fuels. “The Oberon Fuels’ model of local feedstock, local production, and local use creates jobs in rural areas, adds value to waste products, and generates a versatile carbon-negative, renewable fuel. Our commercial development team brings all of this together.”

New team members include:

  • Jeffrey Wright, Director of Supply Development, brings deep experience in bioenergy project development and technologies. Most recently, he led business development, project development, partnership development, outreach and advocacy for projects throughout the Midwest, Great Plains and Great Lakes regions for Bioenergy DevCo, a leading developer of waste-to-energy facilities.
  • Jeff Waite, Director of Market Development, brings more than 30 years of experience in the global lubricants, renewables and fuels markets. During his extensive career at Chevron, he led domestic and global teams in product management, research & development, procurement, sales, marketing, engineering and joint ventures. Most recently, he led a global initiative to enter two new markets.
  • Weston Niner, Manager of Feedstock Development, brings a strong network of connections and experiences within the agricultural industry across the American Southwest. A third generation farmer, he brings lifelong knowledge of the agricultural industry, the challenges facing dairy, livestock, and growers, and the importance of rural economic development.

Founded in 2010 to provide innovative energy solutions to reduce emissions, waste, and carbon impact, Oberon Fuels is the only company currently producing renewable DME commercially. Beyond cleaner emissions, rDME from the Oberon Fuels process creates economic opportunity and jobs for rural economies by connecting waste feedstocks to multiple renewable fuel markets.

Renewable DME significantly reduces emissions and carbon intensity when used in place of traditional fuels in three applications: as an energy-dense, cost-effective means to transport and store renewable hydrogen; as a blending agent with liquified petroleum gas (LPG, or propane); and as a diesel replacement in compression ignition engines. When produced using the Oberon process, the California Air Resources Board has calculated that dairy biogas-based rDME has an estimated carbon intensity (CI) value of -278. Renewable DME used as a transportation fuel can quickly decarbonize the transportation sector while greatly reducing the emissions of particulate matter, greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

About Oberon Fuels

Founded in 2010, California-based Oberon Fuels is on a global mission to decarbonize transportation by producing a powerful, enabling molecule, dimethyl ether (DME). DME, which can range from being ultra-low carbon to carbon-negative, can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation sector and beyond 1) as an energy-dense, cost-effective means to move renewable hydrogen, 2) as a blending agent for LPG, and 3) as a diesel replacement. Oberon is currently the only company in the world to be producing renewable DME for commercial markets. For the past 10 years, Oberon has challenged the status quo by introducing innovative solutions to the transportation sector to reduce its carbon footprint, vehicle emissions and improve local air quality while creating economic opportunity for the communities where they operate. In 2013, Oberon Fuels’ refinery in Brawley, Calif., produced the first fuel-grade DME in North America, and in 2021 produced the first-ever renewable DME in the US. Oberon’s DME has powered vehicle demonstrations around the world with Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Ford, among others. Oberon Fuels is privately held with both private and strategic investors, including Suburban Propane.

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