Oberon’s Mission

For over 10 years, Oberon Fuels has focused on challenging the status quo to enhance lives and energize the world. We live out this mission by providing innovative solutions to companies, industries, & countries to reduce emissions, waste, and carbon impact.

Meet the powerful, enabling molecule dimethyl ether (DME). This innovative molecule can range from being ultra-low carbon to carbon-negative. It can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation sector and beyond 1) as an energy-dense, cost-effective means to move renewable hydrogen, 2) as a blending agent for propane, and 3) as a diesel replacement.

DME also has the power to create jobs and economic benefits, creating opportunity in the communities in which we produce. Distributed, small-scale production enables the region in which we operate to benefit from the direct and indirect jobs created as well as from reduced emissions by creating and consuming cleaner burning fuels.

Our Approach

Oberon Fuels is committed to working in partnership with our supply chain and customer base. We believe collaborative efforts drive the best results. Throughout our history we are proud to have worked with the likes of Ford, Volvo, Mack, ROUSH Cleantech, Suburban Propane, SHV Energy, Martin Resource Management Corporation, and many others.

Our Values

Respect. Resiliency. Courage. Collaboration. Diversity. These are the core values to which we hold and the traits that we strive to demonstrate on a daily basis as a team.

Oberon Timeline


- Oberon produces first-ever renewable DME in the United States.


- Celebrating passage of AB2663 with Councilmember Eduardo Garcia.

- Suburban Propane takes 39% equity stake in Oberon Fuels.

- Oberon Fuels partners with SHV Energy, the world's largest distributor of Propane.


- The state of California awards Oberon Fuels $2.9 million to upgrade Oberon’s pilot plant to demonstration scale and produce the 1st renewable DME in the US.


- Fueled by Oberon DME, NYC’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) becomes the world’s first customer to demonstrate a DME-powered Mack truck.


- California changes the state’s Code of Regulations to allow the legal sale of DME as a fuel.

- California Air Resources Board published their Tier 1 report on DME, which evaluated the effect of DME on air, soil, and water.

- Fueled by Oberon DME, Ford announces their plans to build world’s first DME passenger car for on-road testing


- First International Consensus standard for DME, ASTM D7901, published, giving guidance to fuel producers, infrastructure developers, and engine manufacturers on purity requirements.


- Oberon’s produces North America’s first fuel-grade DME at its commercial demonstration facility (Brawley, CA).

- Volvo Trucks and Oberon announce their partnership to launch DME as a commercial transportation fuel.

- Fueled by Oberon DME, Volvo Trucks begins their first US-based demonstrations of heavy-duty, DME-powered trucks (Beaumont, TX).


- Oberon Fuels Founded