At Oberon, we are committed to building a supply chain for a clean-burning, non-toxic, potentially renewable diesel replacement known as DME (dimethyl ether).

DME fuel can deliver the power that diesel engines need, but with lower overall operating costs. DME is also an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic fuel that can easily meet strict emissions standards for soot and greenhouse gases.

Oberon’s DME can be produced from a variety of local waste resources, such as methane captured from a dairy farm, or organic material collected by a city sanitation department.

With DME much of our waste can become a source of local, sustainable fuel that keeps cars and trucks moving, and the air clean.

Ready to learn more?

Use the links below to learn more about DME and how it is becoming a transportation fuel of the future.

DME Fuel Basics

Learn the basics of using pure DME as a transportation fuel.
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DME in Vehicle Fleets

Discover what vehicles can use this clean-burning diesel replacement.
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DME Specifications and Approvals

DME is approved as a fuel by international, national and state agencies.
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