DSC00481 largeOberon’s modular production units can be configured to produce DME from methanol, an alcohol that can be made from a diverse variety of feedstocks. The global methanol industry produces over 100 million metric tons of methanol each year and is growing. In the United States, over 22 million metric tons of new methanol capacity is in planning stages for production in the next 5-7 years, while the U.S. domestic demand is currently around 7 million metric tons per year. DME provides methanol producers a ready option to add value and diversify their product offering by extending their existing infrastructure to produce clean-burning DME.**

One million metric tons of methanol converts to 280 million gallons of fuel-grade DME.

Ideal for:

  • Methanol producers and distributors looking access the transportation fuel market
  • Methanol facilities with excess capacity looking for options beyond the export markets


** Methanol Industry data provided by The Methanol Institute.