As global population and cities grow, we are producing more waste than ever, creating challenges in how we transport and dispose of waste and control the methane emissions that can come from landfills.

Oberon Fuels is pioneering the production of DME fuel from these organic wastes. Using the Oberon process, biogas from organic waste can be converted to DME. This approach means that wastes can be recycled into fuel at the local level, reducing costly transport fees and providing a new source of clean, high-performing transportation fuel.

When made with renewable biobased resources, DME can reduce greenhouse gases by 68-101% over diesel.  DME is also the first biogas-based fuel to be approved under the US EPA’s Renewable Fuels Standard, providing producers an added incentive to use this approach in managing local waste streams.

The potential in the United States alone is enormous. Based on USDA and DOE data, there is enough biomass in the United States to replace up to 30% of US diesel usage with DME, not including biomass that is used for electricity, heat or other uses.

Ideal for…

  • Trucking fleets that operate closed-loop hauling routes
  • Fleets in need of steady fuel supplies that are insulated from the petroleum market
  • Cities looking to reduce waste disposal costs
  • Cities looking to reduce toxic emissions or meet environmental targets