Many of the same advantages DME offers the trucking industry can also be attractive in a passenger car, offering consumers a high-performing, efficient, clean-burning fuel:

Easy to Use

DME vehicles operate quieter, cleaner and with lower overall costs than diesel, making the fuel an ideal fit for many passenger cars.

DME’s safe and simple handling qualities make refilling vehicles easy and fast.  And since DME can be transported with existing infrastructure, it is easier to build refueling stations and make the fuel available to drivers.

Easy to Manufacture

DME engines are very similar to diesel engines, but since DME burns clean they do not require the same costly filters and and other pollution control systems. This means DME vehicles can sell at comparable or lower prices than similarly equipped diesels as they come into large-scale production.

Oberon Fuels has partnered with Ford and FVV, a worldwide research network of engine manufacturers, suppliers and scientists, to test and build the world’s first DME-powered passenger car for on-road testing.  The first demonstration car will be based on the Ford Mondeo (also called the Ford Fusion in the US), bringing DME’s benefits to the driving public.

The following infographic from Ford’s announcement details how DME produced from sustainable feedstocks can power cleaner passenger cars.