A New Option for Harvesting Remote Gas

tanker-propaneOberon Fuels’ small-scale modular units can be deployed to remote stranded-gas locations that would otherwise be difficult to harvest.  Oberon Fuels can help well owners monetize this fuel source by converting the wasted gas into DME, a higher-valued asset, which is benchmarked against the price of diesel.

Example Solution

Acme GasCo discovers a natural gas field in the Marcellus Shale. However, due to the remote location of the gas field, there is no accessible pipeline. This stranded gas was useless to Acme GasCo until it took advantage of Oberon Fuels’ easily deployed DME production facilities. The facility uses the stranded gas as feedstock to produce 10,000 gallons of DME per day.

Acme GasCo is now able to monetize its stranded gas by transporting the DME out of the natural gas field in propane-style tanker trailers. The tankers move the DME to markets that are 200 – 500 miles away.