rDME is an ideal carrier for hydrogen fuel

Renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) has a number of qualities that make it an excellent carrier molecule for transporting hydrogen to power a new generation of fuel-cell electric vehicles and to provide increased supplies of renewable hydrogen:

  • DME is particularly dense in hydrogen, with six hydrogen atoms in each DME molecule.
  • DME can be made from a wide variety of renewable feedstocks at or near the source.
  • DME liquefies at low pressure (~73 psi), making it much easier and less expensive to transport than hydrogen, which can be compressed at up to 10,000 psi of pressure.
  • Converting DME into hydrogen a simple, inexpensive process compared to natural gas to hydrogen conversion.

Altogether, rDME overcomes some of the biggest barriers inhibiting the widespread use of hydrogen for transportation fuel, including: access to renewable feedstocks; modular, scalable production; and energy-dense, cost-effective storage and transport. Our novel approach to renewable hydrogen production promises similarities to the impact that distributed, rooftop solar has had on decentralizing industrial power generation.

With a single molecule, Oberon can not only reduce carbon emissions from transportation today, but also accelerate the development of the hydrogen economy and a net-zero carbon future.

A more detailed description of the potential for DME to play a multifaceted role in a cleaner, zero-emissions transportation future is described in  our Medium post.

To learn more about how DME can boost the development of hydrogen infrastructure please contact us.