Oberon production units can be configured to produce purified methanol for sale in bulk quantities at low cost.  Oberon’s plant uses various feedstocks such as biogas, natural gas, and stranded gas to produce 11,300 gallons of methanol per day.  The plants can be constructed to initially produce methanol, and at a later point a DME column may be added to dehydrate the methanol and convert it to DME.Dimethyl ether (DME) production process

In 2011, North America imported more than three-quarters of its methanol from overseas.  Methanol demand is projected to grow, as its applications continue to be used as green energy resources (methanol can be blended with other fuels to make a cleaner burning fuel; it is also used to make biodiesel).  With increased demand, the price of methanol has continued to rise since 2009; additionally, in North America, the price of methanol includes the cost of shipping from another continent.  Oberon provides a cost effective solution—it can produce methanol from an inexpensive domestic feedstock and locate production units near the end user, therefore reducing or eliminating shipping costs.