Converting waste streams
It is time to turn waste into fuel. Oberon helps farms, cities, and businesses harness organic feedstocks that can be converted into clean, low-carbon fuel.
Producing fuels locally
Fuels that get the job done. From its inception, Oberon has been focused on producing clean fuels from local resources that also meet the highest performance standards.
Decarbonizing Transportation
More than just a clean replacement for diesel fuel, Renewable DME can unlock the potential of hydrogen fuel cells and reduce the carbon intensity of propane.

Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector

Dimethyl ether (DME) is an organic compound with the formula CH3OCH3

As the world looks for innovative solutions to reduce the growing threat of global emissions and related health issues, it is clear that decarbonizing the transportation sector is a must. At the same time, waste streams generated by agriculture, manufacturing, and growing populations are creating new challenges around the world which also must be addressed.

Enter Oberon Fuels. We develop a range of ultra low-carbon or carbon-negative fuels that are practical, economical, and sustainable alternatives to today’s fossil fuels that can be produced from a variety of waste streams. Our approach reduces emissions while creating new economic opportunities for our partners.

Oberon’s renewable Dimethyl Ether (rDME) fuel is a cost-effective, low-carbon, zero-soot alternative to petroleum diesel. In addition, rDME is also a cost-effective carrier for hydrogen, making it easy to deliver this renewable fuel for the growing hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry.

Additionally, when blended with propane, rDME can significantly reduce this commonly-used, clean-burning fuel’s carbon intensity. Taken together, Oberon can provide the US and global transportation sectors with practical and affordable pathways to zero-emission mobility.

We are proud to be part of a growing coalition of forward-looking vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure developers, and fuel providers who are 100% committed to making rDME a key to the long-term sustainability of our local, national, and global economies.

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